Customer Value

ex eventu has many years of experience in calculating and maximising customer values. We support you in managing your projects successfully. The key questions are always:

  • Which subsidising amount can be granted to a customer in case his contract will be extended?
  • How high is the amount if together with the extension of the contract a new tariff is introduced?
  • Is it favourable to invest in new customers or better to focus on existing ones?

A reliable solution to those questions can only be achieved, if the future value for each and every group of customers is determined. This means every important factor has to be included in a robust bill of charges and based upon a solid forecast.

Attention to detail pays off

ex eventu focuses on a -in every detail accurate- breakeven analysis as well as on calculation of customer value. Special emphasis is placed on

  • detailed cost- and revenue-accounting covering essential facts
  • forecasting the lifetime of customer relations, churn-quotas, customer loyalty quotas
  • tariff simulation to determine revenues and margins after a change in tariff

Be Selective and Optimise your Customer Base

The Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) is a suitable method and represents the sum of all achieved and anticipated surpluses over the time of the customer relationship.

For an efficient management it is important to know the value of each individual customer, therefore one needs to evaluate former actions and forecasts for future actions. However, the main focus of your marketing has to be the individual customer value.