The focus of the company's consulting services lies on Customer Lifetime Value, Revenue Assurance and Pricing & Simulation.

“It is our mission to have a positive and measurable impact on the efficiency of your processes and your customer value, both factors are important to secure the long-term value of your company”.

ex eventu has developed the necessary tools and proven their quality in the last years. These techniques, algorithms and software tools serve the replication or prognoses of any application or bill.

The tools possess prognoses and decision components – for example tariff simulations and the management of tariff suggestions in campaigns - and allow us to replicate the functionality of cheap systems. Our tools are processing many billions of data each year.

ex eventu supports you in business process outsourcing or suitable licences in the areas of: Pricing & Simulation, Revenue Assurance and Customer Lifetime Value.

Our Customers

ex eventu focuses on the telecommunication industry. Our clients are some of the major Telcomms in Central-Europe.

We safeguard the confidentiality of our clients and projects and also take this very serious after the end of a project. In preliminary meetings for a project we are more than willing to provide you with details of our work (depending on our referees consent of course).

Consultants & Partners

All partners and ex eventu consultants have an excellent understanding and expertise of the Telcomms Industry.


Founded on July 17, 2001, ex eventu is located in Hamburg / Germany. ex eventu is a private limited liability company, the official trade register number in the Trade Register Hamburg is HRB 78941. All partners are working for the company. General Managers are Stephan Kröger and Martin Wilde.

The Term “ex eventu”

When founding ex eventu we have chosen a name that linked to our consulting services. The latin term can mean:

ex 'even·tu [eks e'ventu:]

  • Due to the great success
  • Predictions based on results/events

Prognoses are an essential element of our services. They are based on billions of processed events and show measurable results.